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Gary’s Gardening & Landscaping has been serving the greater San Diego area since 1974. We are a family-owned and operated business. Gary’s Gardening has been owned by Shawn Mullineaux since August 1, 2009. Shawn decided to carry on the name "Gary’s Gardening" since Gary did such a good job at providing his customers with the most attentive and professional service possible and because we still have customers that came with the company before we took it over. Shawn acquired this company because this is what Shawn loves to do. He takes pride in beautifying the landscape of others and his work shows just that.


With the maintenance side of the business, we provide our employees with the best equipment and training available to help them help you. We encourage our employees to work with our customers to get the most out of your service. We pride ourselves on being a full-service company and we prefer to not be known as just a mow and blow company. We take the time needed for each property to make sure it has that fully-manicured look every time.


On the landscaping side, we take a property with nothing or virtually nothing and make it into something beautiful. As we all know, we all live on a budget and as much as we all would like to go all out, we can’t always afford to do so. Shawn works within a customers budget to try to get as much of the wow factor as possible. So from the smallest and basic to the largest and most extreme job, Shawn gives it his all to strive for that wow factor. Sometimes simple is the perfect answer to keep it clean and easy.

Whatever service you choose to hire us for, we guarantee all our work.

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